Organizational Change Management Services

Your ERP implementation is more than a technology initiative. Software alone does not deliver benefits – people do!

“Erpisto was key to making Samsonite’s ERP software selection and organizational change management initiatives successful. Their ERP expertise and methodologies are unparalleled. “

Nick Macera, CIO

Samsonite Corporation

Finding the Right Team

People fear change, and change management is essential to alleviating those fears. For a one-stop solution to digital transformation, your organization needs a team with expertise in organizational change management. With our proprietary PERFECT Change™ Organizational Change Management Methodology, organizations are able to realize the benefits they expect. After investing in an ERP solution, your organization cannot afford to lose benefits to employee fears and low system-usage.

What We Deliver

  • Change readiness assessment, design and support – Assess Employees’ Fears
  • Communications planning and execution – Effectively Communicate With Employees
  • Training needs analyses and strategy development – Increase System Usage
  • Post-implementation audit to track and report progress against the business case – Maximize Your ROI

 Our Erpisto organizational change management methodology allows us to customize our approach to your unique needs, while retaining the elements critical to ERP success:

  • Training, including technical/functional training and process training, to create end-user buy-in
  • Workforce transition assessment
  • Education about software benefits and reasons for its purchase
  • Clarity about changed roles and responsibilities
  • Engagement and accountability efforts
  • Development of communication channels and materials
  • Creation of a holistic entity (Center of Excellence) to provide support, guidance and oversight
  • Tracking and monitoring results for continual fine-tuning and improvement

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