Asset Inventory Management

Erpisto CRM is different from many other CRM Software because it has many features which makes it unique from traditional CRM functions. Erpisto support complete sales cycle management by integrating the features of best inventory management software. Inventory management features include products, product stocks, price book, vendors, quotes, sales order, purchase order and invoices. It hold the properties of best asset management software as it takes care of all the asset inventory management considerations.

Track, manage and automate controls with Erpisto CRM Asset and Inventory Management

Erpisto Asset and inventory management unique and highly advanced features let you achieve the seamless integration between pre sales and post sales accounting activities within a single product. You also have an option to procure goods and services by creating or specifying a new service with the preferred vendor.

Advantages of Asset & Inventory Management

Erpisto Asset & Inventory Management comes with the efficient integrated applications to cover marketing automation, sales-force automation, case management and eCommerce solutions. Erpisto Asset & Inventory Management offers following benefits:

  • Improvement in responsiveness to drive increase in the customer retention
  • Marketing and messaging activities automation
  • New customers reach while retaining existing customer communities
  • Delivery of tailor made customer experiences
  • Business collaboration at cross functional basis to increase customer service levels
  • Campaigns creation and execution in less time
  • Campaigns management with less number of employees
  • Increased visibility through the call center performance
  • Erpisto CRM Account Management help you in maximizing the talent within your organization through fast and efficient people support. Erpisto understand to support and manage human resources on global basis and it works with your company to manage your CRM Account Management requirements.

Stages in Erpisto CRM Asset and Inventory Management Process

Different stages in Erpisto CRM Asset and Inventory Management process are as follows:

Products basically refers to the services or goods that are either procured or sold by an organization. You can keep track of all the products through this Erpisto CRM asset and inventory management feature.

Product Stocks
Product Stocks screen shows Item Name, Purchase Price, Quantity, Stock In date and Action for all the product stocks.

Price Book
Price Book mainly refers to the agree price for the sale of a specific product to the customer. Prices can vary from customer to customer based on the agreed terms.

Vendors represent the individuals, contractors or companies from whom the organization procures services or products.

Quotes represent the legal agreements between customer and a vendor for the delivery of requested product in specified time at agreed price.

Sales Order
Sales Order contains the confirmation of sales which are generated after the customer sends purchase order based on the quotes.

Purchase Orders
Purchase orders represent the legally bound order placement document for the procurement of services and products from vendors.

Invoices are the bills which are issued by vendor to customer with rendered services or goods for the purpose of payment clearance.

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