Sales Management

Erpisto Sales Management solution is designed to streamline the order management process with CRM, one screen order entry and pricing functionality. Erpisto Sales Management process accept orders from customers systems without requiring EDI, as it saves company time and reduce the errors which are associated with the manual order entry.

Erpisto Sales Management Core Features

Erpisto Sales Management lets you complete the entire order entry process from one screen. No matter whether you are entering quotes or orders, converting quotes to orders, expedite orders, search past invoices, stock check or verify shipping preferences Erpisto Sales Management let you do the work from one screen within order entry. All the information is entered directly in to the Erpisto solution no matter it originates from which device or location. Erpisto Sales Management has features including:

  • Customer Information System
  • Functionality, Flexibility & Workflow Capabilities
  • Sales Order Management
  • Manage your Orders from Multiple Channels
  • Report & Survey
  • Analyzing your Survey Results
  • Deliver Schedules Shipments
  • Ship your Packages
  • Strategic Sales Management delivery
  • Live reporting dashboards
  • Sales Management Mobile App
  • Effective & Interactive Mobile Interfaces

Erpisto Sales Management Benefits

Erpisto Sales Management gives complete control over pricing as it lets customer selects preferred pricing or promotional settings for maintaining margins while meeting the competitive demands of the customer. It saves time and eliminates errors by allowing electronic updates to update the pricing database with files from suppliers. Delays reduction makes sure that you do not lose money when suppliers enact a price increase. Erpisto Sales Management let you have the following benefits:

  • Substitute and accessory suggestion items to improve customer services and margins
  • Efficient quoting capabilities to allow quotes turn instantly in to orders with simple mouse click.
  • Complete integrated facility for credit card processing to eliminate credit card swipers, errors of standalone terminals and their associated printers.
  • Auto order can also be added as an optional module to receive electronic orders from customers with complete accuracy to eliminate manual entry need.
  • Erpisto Sales Management extends to CRM as entered orders can have access to the key customer data.
  • Views related to past orders, shipping preferences and others can be created. Customer activities can be tracked and alerts can be set to streamline customer communication with email and integrated fax.

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