What We Do

Erpisto is a global leader in government management and independent enterprise consulting. Erpisto’s services enable government entities and nonprofits worldwide to achieve economic, social and managerial success. Standardized methodologies are consistently used by all of Erpisto’s global resources, to effectively deliver; Management and Software Consulting, Assessment and Auditing and Soft Infrastructure Consulting.

Erpisto Government Solutions specializes in enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting for mid- to large-sized, public sector organizations across the globe. One-hundred percent independent of affiliation, Erpisto helps public organizations with:

  • Evaluation, selection and ERP software procurement
  • Software implementation
  • Workflow/Workforce Transition Management
  • IT Strategy
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Government Digital Transformation
  • Vendor Contract Negotiations
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
  • Project Recovery/Expert Witness Testimony

Taking advantage of its technology and project management expertise, Erpisto supports government agencies through Assessment and Auditing Services as well as Soft Infrastructure Consulting. Erpisto helps improve the efficiency of the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) offering Mortgage Administration, Audit and Compliance Services. We also manage HUD’s Community Development Block Grants for Disaster Recovery (CBG-DR) at a local and State level, supporting HUD funded and FEMA-funded projects, and providing high-quality, expert guidance from Procurement and Program Management to the buy-out and acquisition process. Our team is committed to serving the homeowners who suffered deep personal losses and making their communities prosper once again. We provide the leadership necessary for recovering from a natural disaster, and our staff understands the diverse property types, characteristics of specific communities and how its social fabric and community ecosystem needs to be rebuilt. Our Soft Infrastructure Consulting team is comprised of former HUD and FEMA personnel, specializing in HUD’s CDBG-DR.

With the support from Erpisto, public sector organizations can find solutions that enable operational efficiency translating to increased Return on Citizenship (ROC). Return on citizenship can best be described as the amount of social value that citizens receive in return for their tax dollars. Citizens expect the same level of service and responsiveness from corporate and government agencies alike, so there is much more pressure for government institutions to react quickly and change for the better so they can efficiently provide the services tax payers are paying for. ROC is the measurement of social value creation which is the mission that provides citizens and their communities with an increased return. Erpisto provides the oversight and guidance necessary to ensure high return on citizenship.

Key Values and Strengths

As a pioneer in the independent Management, Software and Soft Infrastructure Consulting industry, we apply our proven methodology to all areas of our customers’ organization — infrastructure, management, audit services and technology. Erpisto provides input and leadership proven to minimize risk, accelerate implementation progress and increase the success and value of your project initiative. We serve as trusted advisors by exercising fiduciary responsibility to our clients. In addition, we provide the following value to our diverse client base:

  • Independent and technology-agnostic
  • Deep and broad expertise with more than 150 different ERP systems
  • Best practice and proprietary tools and methods
  • International group of consultants prepared to work on-site with your tea
  • Consulting team with strong business, operational and technology backgrounds
  • Focus on achieving measurable results and a positive ROC

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