General Merchandising

Customers have plenty of options today right from small general stores to on-line shopping and way of doing business really matters in the competitive world. Erpisto Retail software for General Merchandising makes sure that your organization runs efficiently with smooth operations to save time and provide one stop shopping facility to the customers. You will have access to the tools which let you acquire customer loyalty with integrated merchandising general retail solution.

Deployment Options

Two deployment options are offered to meet the needs of general merchandising and Erpisto is suitable for both the fast track and best of breed packages at the same time. Erpisto general merchandising software is based on open standards-based architecture to provide complete flexibility and highly efficient functionality for satisfying the customer unique demands.

Erpisto General Merchandising Software Benefits

Erpisto Retail software for general merchandising provides numerous benefits in competitive market to meet the challenges faced by the customers.

  • Erpisto General Merchandising helps organizations by increasing the customer satisfaction and loyalty with powerful CRM and analytical tools.
  • Assortment planning is employed for identification of chain and store level to develop model to increase revenue.

Erpisto General Merchandising Retail Products

Merchandising retail industry needs a professional solution to meet the challenges faced by the organizations present in the industry. Erpisto offers following industry specific products for General Merchandising Retail industry.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Loss Prevention
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Customer and Order Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management

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