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Farm-Home Retail is a specialized business and it really needs a rich, robust and highly flexible management solution that offers functionality and features which you need to run a more profitable and efficient operation and deliver the service that builds lasting relationships and loyalty with your customers.

Erpisto Manages Diverse Inventory

Farm-Home retailers offer complete array of soft and hard goods like clothing in range of colors, styles and sizes. Plants and chemicals are perishable and they are sold by volume, weights or package with the pricing that can vary from a specific customer account to the other. Erpisto Inventory Management tools are highly rich in the features and they get completely integrated with POS, analytics, reporting and accounting systems. Erpisto intelligent pricing and warehouse planning can customize the customer demand and recommends the stock levels to help you buy and price smartly to increase returns and profits.

Erpisto Manages Order Entry and Tracking

Erpisto POS solutions support style and color grids that make the order entry and non-stock special orders easier. Integrated receiving functions let you check the status of the order and make notifications to the customers when their orders ship and arrive for pickup which keeps sales force and customer informed about the order status.

Erpisto Mobile Lets You Work Smartly

Erpisto Mobile Point of Sale handheld solution let you take the cash register right to the customer even at remote locations which speeds up the process for staff and customers. Our powerful and efficient wireless tools makes it easy to perform physical inventories, print labels, update bar codes and prices right from warehouse. Erpisto Mobile Manager keeps the managers connected through instant two way access to critical business information, alerts, reports and analytics right on their smartphones.

Integrate Your Business Seamlessly

Erpisto Farm-Home Retail solution can streamline each and every facet of your business from inventory to accounting which offers you actionable and real-time business intelligence in the form of dashboards, notifications and reports to customize your individual needs.

Erpisto Lets Your Drive More Sales And Reward Loyalty

Erpisto lets you increase your sales without having need of any third party solutions and it encourages and reward repeated business transactions to increase your customer satisfaction.

Erpisto Farm-Home Software Benefits

Erpisto Farm-Home software offers following benefits:

  • Erpisto controls, manages and optimized the diverse inventory.
  • Our software lets you maintain financial control throughout your operation.
  • You will come up with an exceptional and rewarding customer experience through the use of Erpisto.
  • Erpisto let you interact perfectly with the new business channels and manages the vendor/partner relationships efficiently.

Erpisto Specialized Products for Farm-Home Retail

Erpisto Retail software helps your retail farm-home business run smoothly right from merchandising to POS and business intelligence. You can increase customer satisfaction and sales results with a comprehensive retail software solution from Erpisto. Erpisto can help farm-home retail business through following products:

  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Merchandising
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning

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