Manage Your Institution Smartly With Erpisto School Management System

Erpisto School Management system is made with an aim of helping different schools in the maintenance of their school information. It offers all the features needed in school ERP and it lets you store, modify and retrieve the information in single database system.

Erpisto School Management system is being used worldwide in many institutions to manage the students, teachers, courses, employees, exams, fees, and time-table and library records in an efficient way. System has the capability to update the end user authority rights according to the requirements of the users.

Erpisto school management software is developed by top professionals to meet the challenges and get successful in the industry. Our developers have used their strong concepts and urge to deliver the excellence to gain trust and provide high level of customer satisfaction.

Erpisto School Management System Modules

Erpisto School Management System comes up with many modules and customers can ask for customization of these modules to fit their needs. Main Modules of our Erpisto school ERP system are:

  • Erpisto Student Management System
  • Erpisto Teacher Management System
  • Erpisto Administration Management System
  • Erpisto User Management System
  • Erpisto Library Management System
  • Erpisto Transport Management System
  • Erpisto Exam Management System
  • Erpisto Account & Finance Management System
  • Erpisto Human Recourse Management System
  • Erpisto Timetable Management System
  • Erpisto Class Scheduling System
  • Erpisto Fee Management System
  • Erpisto Online Admission Management System
  • Erpisto Entry Test Registration System
  • Erpisto End User Authority System
  • Erpisto Mobile Access for End Users


Key Features of Erpisto School Management System

Key features of our Erpisto School management ERP are:

  • Easily customizable
  • Manual efforts reduction
  • Accurate and efficient report generation
  • Correct results
  • Streamlined and effective workflow
  • High level transparency
  • Easy learning and implementation
  • Best coordination among different departments
  • Unlimited number of users support system
  • Single database management system
  • User Friendly environment
  • Adequate maintenance and support

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