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Calls you make and receive count in every business. Each and every organization wants their sales and telemarketing reps to be equipped with the right information and tools to interact effectively and efficiently with the customers. Perfect and efficient synchronization between the CRM and phone system is the compulsory need to stop any kind of juggling and start making calls smartly through CRM. Erpisto Telemarketing software integrates client on premise and hosted telephony applications with Erpisto CRM. Erpisto CRM software for telemarketing let you get prompt reminders on the calls to be made, know who is calling and get contextual data about the customer during the calls to offer effective response.

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Erpisto Smart way to make calls Inside the Most Advanced CRM Telemarketing

Do you work in a fear of missing out something special due to multiple deals follow up or many calls to make? You don’t need to worry now as Erpisto free CRM telemarketing software let you get prompt reminders on each and every call you need to make.

Stages in Erpisto CRM Telemarketing and Management Process

Different stages in Erpisto CRM Telemarketing and Management process are as follows: Single Click Dialing for Ease Erpisto telemarketing software allow you call your contact without picking up the phone. You just need to click on the call icon which comes with each phone number an calls be initiated directly from your contact or lead page in Erpisto CRM. Greet Callers with personalized customer service A personal greeting message always sound good to the customers. Callers always feel happy to be greeted by name. Erpisto CRM software for telemarketing helps your sales people to identify who is calling you. It displays the data of caller on the screen when you get a call. By getting the notes, conversations and past tasks along with the name you can provide more personalized and efficient response. Increase Efficiency by Reducing Response Time

Erpisto telemarketing software allows you to enjoy an automatic call logging feature due to which you don’t have to log your calls manually. Free CRM telemarketing software allows you to add notes during or after the call. You can also add follow up tasks and can assign the tasks to the related people within the same call pop up screen.

Erpisto CRM Account Management help you in maximizing the talent within your organization through fast and efficient people support. Erpisto understand to support and manage human resources on global basis and it works with your company to manage your CRM Account Management requirements.

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