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Pipeline management is very critical for the sales people as it is regarded as one of the most effective sales tool. It manages the sales activities at the key stages, measure what is done and ensure that entire team stays focused to achieve the best sales results. It gives overview of the steps taken by the sales people right from initial contact to the time of qualification of that prospect in to lead. It also let you manage and transform lead in to a sales opportunity by making all stages passed easily.

Erpisto Sales Pipeline Management Is the Secret Sauce to your sales success

Erpisto Asset and inventory management unique and highly advanced features let you achieve the seamless integration between pre sales and post sales accounting activities within a single product. You also have an option to procure goods and services by creating or specifying a new service with the preferred vendor.

Benefits of Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management offers Some of the highlights of Erpisto CRM Sales Pipeline Management are:

  • Improvement in pipeline visibility
  • Complete sales pipeline insights to let you plan everything accordingly
  • Highly efficient and predictable sales forecasts
  • Short employee ramp up times
  • Improvement in accountability and adoption
  • Focus on right deals at the right time
  • Real time reporting and dashboards
  • Revenue goals tracking against the sales performance for better accountability and financial planning
  • Key trends identification to offer maximized sales productivity
  • Real time performance measurement against the historical metrics

Stages in Erpisto Sales Pipeline Management Process

Different stages in Erpisto Sales Pipeline Management are as follows:

Erpisto CRM gives you a Visual Advantage
Erpisto CRM makes use of truly effective sales methodology and it serves as clear pipeline sales roadmap for sales people. Erpisto CRM gives you the freedom of customization and it let the sales teams to maximize the conversions and win big and profitable deals in less time.

Interactive Sales Model
Erpisto CRM is fun to use and it makes pipeline management easy and more intuitive through its advanced visualization features which let sales people view, interact and manipulate sales data more effectively.

One clear picture instead of many spreadsheets
Erpisto CRM Pipeline management let you update your progress in real time and by giving one quick look at the Erpisto Sales Pipeline Management you can reveal more details than the standard report about the health of forecast.

Advanced Data Visualization
Visualization is better when you talk about the pipeline management. Advanced visualization of data in Erpisto CRM enable the new ways to look at your business. You can track the closing dates and identify the profitable outcomes.

Multiple Pipelines Support
Every sales scenario, product line or business unit requires different and unique sales approach. Erpisto CRM pipeline sales management let you easily manage multiple sales pipeline to increase productivity.

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