Sales Force Management

Erpisto Sales Force management software let your sales force, executives and management enjoy the functions like lead generation, sales pipeline analysis, competitor analysis, real time sales forecasting and many other useful metrics. All these functions give your business an opportunity to focus on customer life cycle which certainly increase the sales revenue.

Erpisto Allow your business taste the sweetness of Real Salesforce Management Software Sales Force Management

Erpisto CRM has salesforce management modules including Leads, Accounts and Contacts. It gives you an opportunity to track the business opportunities and close more deals in less time. You also have the option to identify the bottlenecks in the sales processes which helps in effectively utilizing existing customer data for cross and up selling opportunities.

Advantages of Erpisto CRM

Erpisto CRM system comes with the efficient integrated applications to cover marketing automation, sales-force automation, case management and eCommerce solutions. Erpisto Customer Relationship Management offers following benefits:

  • Improvement in responsiveness to drive increase in the customer retention
  • Marketing and messaging activities automation
  • New customers reach while retaining existing customer communities
  • Delivery of tailor made customer experiences
  • Business collaboration at cross functional basis to increase customer service levels
  • Campaigns creation and execution in less time
  • Campaigns management with less number of employees
  • Increased visibility through the call center performance

Stages in Erpisto CRM Lead Management Process

Different stages in Erpisto Sales Force Management process are as follows:

Leads represent the raw details about the individuals or representatives of organizations which may get collected from seminars, advertisements or different kinds of marketing campaigns.

Accounts are departments or companies with which you plan or have business dealings.

Contacts are people in an organization in order to communicate in pursuit of business opportunity.

Potentials are business deals with different people or companies that can generate the revenue for the organization.

Collaborate with the team members and follow the records which are most important and you can also keep track of the activities associated to them.

Document Library
Document Library helps you in managing all the business related documents in a single place and it will allow easy access and save up the storage space.

Activities let you create and associate tasks, events and calls along with information on the date, priority level, and time and notification parameters.

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