Multi-lingual Support

Erpisto CRM is available in 3 languages including English, Arabic and Turkish along with multi-lingual user interface support. It is designed to let the clients get personalized feeling in their own preferred language. We totally understood the need of multi lingual User interface support and that is the reason we have designed it. Erpisto customers, partners and resellers make full use of this multi-lingual support feature one of the best customizable CRM’s in the world.

Erpisto Experience the Sweetness of Multi Lingual User Interface through Erpisto CRM

It has language specific multi lingual user interface support packs which can be installed on server and outlook client in different editions without any restrictions. User have an option to choose the language in which they want to see online help and user interface. After the selection of languages, User interface and online help will get displayed in the user’s preferred language.

Benefits of Erpisto Software

Multilingual Erpisto let the companies make improvement in asset performance, increase service life and cut the costs to provide configurable options to address the specialized and important Multilingual Erpisto Management challenges. Erpisto EAM let you have the following advantages:

  • Erpisto comprehensive system suggests the best actions through the customer interactions by understanding and anticipating the customer behaviors and it delivers unique customer experience each time for best real time decisions.
  • Our Multilingual CRM for offers superior case management tools which include intuitive case portal and ad hoc processes along with dashboards which enable caseworkers to understand the priorities.
  • Our CRM software delivers the information efficiently to planners and managers to refine, simulate and test strategies and automate the lifecycle of building, executing and improving solutions.
  • You can monitor and control the business performance in real time and can quickly develop new process strategies to adapt to the changing customer requirements along with business goals.

Stages in Erpisto Multilingual User Interface

Different stages in Erpisto Multilingual User Interface are as follows:

Users have an option to select their locale and currency, date and time formats will get displayed in user defined formats.

Customizations can be done in the base language i.e. English however system administrators/ customizers can translate the customizations in other available languages also.
Customizations can be viewed in different languages within same Erpisto Customer Relationship management software.

Administrators and users can author and manage the templates and reports in multiple languages according to their needs.

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