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Lead Management is an important process which combine the techniques with tools to enable efficient and effective leads generation, management and tracking of the upcoming sales opportunities. Erpisto CRM contains a powerful lead management solution to automate and enhance the inconsistent, disorganized and error prone processes which are involved in acquiring and tracking the leads through entire life cycle.

Track, manage and automate controls with Erpisto CRM Lead & Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management is basically the process to identify, communicate and analyze customers who are willing to products. It involves the tracking of sales cycle for a given opportunity from a prospect to the close of sales no matter it is win or lost.Erpisto CRM let you perform opportunity tracking which offers an exclusive interface to store and manage information with various fields like stage, probability and expected revenue. Erpisto CRM Opportunity management gives you an opportunity to assess different opportunities through reports and dashboards. You can also import opportunities from external CRM solutions and associate them with other records like contacts, products, sales history which gives you a chance to cover various aspects of sale. It not only let you close more deals but it also offers complete insight to improve the future deals.

Benefits of Lead & Opportunity Management

Lead & Opportunity Management offers set of flexible and configurable HR, Payroll and employee development which provide following benefits:

  • End to end sales opportunities tracking in a sales cycle
  • Sales Opportunities import from third party business.
  • Sales opportunities association with accounts, contacts, activities and other relevant modules to offer 360 degree view.
  • Competition tracking on different business opportunities to assess strengths and weaknesses
  • Set up sales stage and winning probability estimation through the use of drag and drop customization wizard
  • Sales pipeline and escalation process allows you to identify and eliminate the bottlenecks in the sales process.

Erpisto Lead & Opportunity Management help you in maximizing the talent within your organization through fast and efficient people support. Erpisto understand to support and manage human resources on global basis and it works with your company to manage your Asset and Inventory Management requirements.

Stages in Erpisto CRM Lead Management Process

Different stages in Erpisto CRM lead management process are as follows:

Lead Generation: Lead Generation basically refers to the capturing of consumers interest towards the purchasing products or services. Sales leads are captured through different sources which include campaigns, exhibitions, referrals and branding.

Lead Assignment: Leads can be assigned to salespeople through lead assignment process based on specific criteria like sales activity, geographic region etc.

Lead Qualification Lead qualification is necessary for the lead generation. It lets you separate the sales ready leads from the general inquiries which are present in Erpisto CRM.

Lead Conversion: Lead gets converted to an account, contact or opportunity after negotiations or follow ups. This finally concludes the lead management process.

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