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The HR staff is responsible for hiring the perfect candidate, managing employee details, logging time, managing employee benefits, measuring employee performance and much more. Whether you run a small or medium sized business, the use of an HR software for these activities might seem expensive. In reality, it’s not!

PeopleQlik is HR software in pakistan which provides affordable solution according to requirements.

Automating your HR can help you save time and money in a lot of ways. On the other hand, all your payroll management can be fully optimized by using PeopleQlik’s Payroll software in pakistan.

Make Your first Impression Count

Recent study show that an employee tends to leave the company very soon if company’s impression is not good enough and he only sees through the limitations and restrictions imposed on him. This Performance Management software makes this objective easy for like onboarding ensures minimal attrition. However, it can include many forms, induction programs, salary contracts, IT system allocations. With HR software, you can structure workflows to automatically trigger multiple actions. For instance, automatically send out requests for IT equipment, Identity cards and provide employees access to directly add or edit their personal data. This streamlines new hire onboarding and reduces the time taken to induct a new employee.

Spend Less time, Tracking time

Automation tools help in tracking and calculating employee time, running it through approvals and then sending it to payroll. This can also be done in instantaneously and by configuring multi-level approvals. Time is not just saved, but is made more productive.

Make time-off requests Quick and Easy

Some organizations still manage their leave requests through traditional means like emails, word of mouth and sometimes old sticky notes. Now, what if the top-level hierarchy demands approval at multiple levels or HR gets left out from the application and approval emails. This type of process becomes lengthy and time taking with bundle of unpredictable requests and approvals.

This is why major portion of the global HR workforce today, prefer automated time-offs to update employee records instantly. This can be managed through mobile HR apps as well. Now, that’s automation for you.


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