Erpisto Offers the Most Comprehensive Franchise Management Solution in the market

Erpisto Franchise Management solution is custom built to let the people manage high performing and an effective franchise network. Each and every module has the capability to be more customized for matching the exact needs. You can easily add fields, hide data, change the reports and add rules to automate the process. You can make everything possible according to your need and you can make the selection of modules which you need for your company.

Major modules of Erpisto franchise management software are as follows:

Franchise CRM
Comprehensive CRM system is designed to manage the entire life-cycle of franchises. You can easily record vital information including franchise agreements, tasks, renewal dates and all other correspondence by automating the common functions through an easy to use interface.

You can easily store the new franchise enquiries and leads within an Erpisto franchise management solution. Leads can be allocated to your staff based on business rules and you can import leads from your website.

Candidates can be managed through the recruitment pipeline from first contact to appointment as franchisee. It is easy to set up an own recruitment process and track the progress of candidate along with effectiveness of franchise growth activities. Archive the mails, record the notes and maintain complete audit and compliance trial.

Field Visits
Schedule, track and report your franchise field visits easily. You can easily create pre-set agenda and perform the tracking of action plan. It is also easy to record and store the contact notes along with the customization of audit and compliance check lists.

Opener for New Franchises
Erpisto Project Management module in franchise point of sale is designed to manage the complete process of opening new stores/ franchisees. You can easily create milestones and tasks and assign them to staff. You have the ability to mark the progress, print the reports and receive email reminds along with complete tracking.

Upload the data and reports on franchisee performance with the help of dashboards, charts and rankings. Report against the different benchmarks and other franchisees can also be obtained. Franchisees can log in and view the performance with their own data, KPIs and preferred reporting format.

Online shared calendar allows you to have an automated reminders. It will let you better manage schedules and save your precious time.

Tasks module let you track everything which needs to be done. You can track everything from contacts to recruitment along with automated SMS and email reminders.

File Notes
You can easily record the contact notes and archive emails. Keep complete history of all the interactions.

Franchisees can generate personalized PDF invoices for the customer right from the system. You can send invoices by email, print or fax. Get full transparency and complete knowledge of the sales which allows you to have perfect calculation of royalties and fees of franchise.

Erpisto Franchise management software offers a suite of graphical dashboards to let you keep track of all the aspects of your franchise network. Each franchisor wants some different report so it is possible to create custom reports.

Stock Ordering
Online ordering system is part of Erpisto franchise management system which let franchises order stock. You can maintain the stock items online and franchisees can easily submit order along with tracking of shipped items.

All your contacts can be stored online and staff can have access to phone, address and other details in our franchise management software. You can easily relate contact to other records such as franchisees, leads and recruitment candidates.

You can allocate customers to franchisees and grant the franchisees access to own customer database while managing international franchise. Details of customers, invoices, sales and orders can easily be stored.

Customer complaints
Manage the customer complaints in Erpisto franchise solution and let franchisees see the feedback.