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Erpisto Solution

Erpisto for Distribution

Business Challenge

Continues growth offers higher volumes of production to shipping which requires flexible and sophisticated distribution solution that can integrate with the proprietary software at the plant sites.


Efficient and robust solution which can integrate with financials along with distribution management, enable inventory mirroring for complex tracking and several other features.


Business Benefits

  • Production of fundamental transactions for growers on timely basis
  • Accurate and reliable financial information
  • Inventory management against distributor sites
  • Inventory tracking with accurate results through efficient visibility

Flexcane started its operations twenty years ago and its primary value add was packing and grading but it has progressed well and became a sales marketing and distribution company in addition to its packing and grading operations. Flexcane growing expansion and high volumes of produce to ship demands a distribution solution which can match the company strategy to move forward and can integrate with the proprietary software which run their plant operations. Flexcane used Erpisto financials and then again asked for Erpisto solution that can meet distribution and warehousing needs.

Erpisto Distribution Fulfill Unique Business Needs

Erpisto distribution solution enables you to efficiently capture real time inventory transactions and maintain complete transaction event history for reporting and analysis. This solution also makes integration to Erpisto financials and has several other features to satisfy the needs of the industry. Packing and grading also has a manufacturing operation, therefore it is important that Erpisto distribution solution can integrate with systems that run the distribution and packing equipment.

Flexcane works with vendors and growers who sell productions to them and to other suppliers like freight companies. Grower purchasing management is the complex and complicated part of their business and Flexcane gets ungraded bulk products from various growers and has to manage the entire process. Bulk, ungraded products comes to bins and they need to grade them in numbers, sort by size, drop them to packing boxes and then send the finished products after loading them to inventory. Process is complex as many growers send the same products. Flexcane has 2 distribution channels one is direct selling to retailers and other is through the distributor partners. Distributors make working possible through replenishment transactions to handle the billing and to replenish transactions for major customers. Flexcane is able to capture the billing information and maintain visibility about the purchasing and price of products. Flexcane has three major distribution partners with different processes. Erpisto distribution let Flexcane track what is on site, who they have sold they to and its price. Company can capture adjustment transactions and observe the activity at the sites through Erpisto solution. Erpisto has enabled the company to mirror its inventory in remote locations and process is automated for shipping and receiving data.

Integration Drives the Efficiency

Flexcane has seen improved efficiency throughout the warehouse and distribution operations right from the implementation of Erpisto Distribution solution. Flexcane transfers the products out and creates an EDI transfer document which goes towards the distributors to receive against EDI transaction. EDI transaction receipt is sent back once received and Flexcane use it to mirror inventory. Distributor ships the product and sends Flexcane shipping EDI transaction which allows to document the inventory. When the customers has been billed then the distributor sends Flexcane a final billing document which is used to clear the billing process. Flexcane is pleased as it has got tightly integrated system which tracks shipping on different cases produced on daily basis. Flexcane is now able to get the fundamental transactions out to its growers on timely basis and with complete precision. Executive board has confidence that their financial information is accurate and they can better understand the growth of their business now.

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