Progression in technology is directly proportional to the productivity. Technical facilities enable the companies to raise the graphs of production. Technological advancement has lured the business to invest in technology that enables them to be with the pace of swiftly growing cooperate world. Customer services become aerodynamic when the procedures are not manual and carried through smooth automated ways. Automated workflows enhance customer services but it totally depends on how businesses utilize this automation. To get automated customer analysis reports and wider view of customer behavior, the most advantageous possibility is to connect the workflow with data extracted from customer relationship management CRM software system.

Enlisted below are the 5 intelligent ways that smooth the customer experience through automated workflows.

1. Emailing Glitches
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution keeps and tracks the customer’s email and order details. Now the customer prefers to mail instead of call. Computerized scans of those emails are sent to the particular department for further functions and then responses are sent with solutions for issues. Storage of email in CRM system enables sales persons to be fully aware of customer’s problems and help them to avoid those issues in future. This tracking allows the companies to incept the conversation or dealing with the customer in more organized and informed manner.

2. Routing Problems
Customer’s last option to get help from companies is to call them. Automated system alerts the right representative to attend the incoming call, through CRM software record synchronization. IVR systems collaboration with order archive stored in CRM software solution will automatically pinpoint the problem product or service. The easy access to recent purchase history of the customer enables the system to swiftly get to the solution.

3. Time in System
The IVR system takes case to higher level for comprehensive responses, when problems are registered without any delay. To get the vivid image of customer relationship, the system provides you the amalgamation of order history and eminent attention. Time in system assures that everyone should have the same information about the consumer.

4. Trend Perceiving
Customer relationship management (CRM) system with Integral analytics is the most progressive and robust business application. Advance analytics can be done by utilizing the problem records as a database. Such analytics would help to identify products or services issues and increases through sale CRM and pipeline management system. The analysis reports would assist you to identify the consumers who are having issues and also enable you to give more attention to your loyal customers. Combination of CRM and order placement history data provides the best analysis.

5. Social Media Complainers
Social media has greatly changed the ways of doing businesses. It helps the companies to maintain their positive image and presence. Marketing teams put a great deal in identifying the issues before they are advertised to the world. Social media empowers you to provide swift response to the issues as they are posted. These quick responses raise the efficiency graph of your company. Erpisto’s free CRM Software harmonizes with social media accounts that enable the sales team to save individual accounts. CRM data assists to link right message to the right account. CRM analytics software allows the marketing team to pass on the posts to the concern person, so that he/she sorts out the issue before the customer’s next post.

Customer’s loyalty is one of the main factors that help the companies to grow and perform well. You can earn your customer’s loyalty by providing them smooth customer experience. Advance analytics are being introduced to raise the standards of business workflows. Customer relationship management (CRM) system enables the organizations to automate operations that facilitate the customers by providing them streamline exist. Upgrading your system with CRM would assist you to improve customer exposure which in return enhances your efficiency.