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When you integrate Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software into your company’s operations, you become more familiar with the terms customization and configuration. The terms may seem similar to you.

Cloud ERP Software in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Pakistan is always designed to be flexible, scalable, in order to meet the need of the companies or businesses that use them. Each company is always different with its operation, so each ERP Software is different. Based on the needs of the company, there will be many choices for configuring the software and customizing how it operates.

ERP Software Customization VS ERP Software Configuration

ERP Software customization and configuration work in conjunction to make the business solution more efficient but there are differences between the two terms. Generally, customization refers to optimizing the software’s settings to meet a company’s needs, while configuration refers to optimizing the whole system to meet specific business needs.


Definition of Customization includes the following:

  • Modifying a software feature
  • Requires customized coding
  • Customized code must be written to integrate with the existing ERP Software in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Pakistan
  • Enhances the features and functionality of the existing ERP software system
  • Allows you to include task management processes specific to company needs

Even after meeting with your software provider and expressing your business needs and wants, you may still need to make changes to your ERP Software. For the implementation of these changes, you must look to ERP customization. Again, start with contacting your software provider company and expressing your business needs and how you want the ERP solution to perform. Its team will work with you to determine which process to customize as well as the time and cost. Most ERP Software requires small customization to meet the needs of the business fully in, which they are installed.

When you have decided on the customizations of your business needs, the provider will alter the application to ensure that it functions and has the features you desire.


Configuration is the process of changing your ERP Software’s components so that they function properly within in your environment and business situations. Moreover, configuration allows you to choose options for standard or basic applications such as email programs and business productivity and making them function according to your company’s need.

Some of the examples of tools and features that can be configured include:

  • Email templates
  • Various page layouts
  • Security labels or roles
  • Portal forms
  • Membership types
  • Roles of Security
  • Recognition of Revenue schedules
  • Custom fields and objects
  • Revenue specifications
  • Geographical units

Hence, try to adopt Erpisto’s Cloud ERP Software in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Pakistan for your business needs and get benefits in your business.

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