Marketing, sales and customer service teams have their own goals, strategies and methods for enchanting and retaining customers. Even though these departments work independently but they all share the same goal to recognize, attract and retain customers. Sometimes these essential pillars of any business concentrate so much on their individual goals that they even forget to collaborate and communicate with each other. Businesses opt for function specific software that stores bulk of information instead of promoting communication and collaboration. These multiple systems results in independent t working of these important components of your organization. The business could benefit greatly if these department could work together.


Strong customer relationship management system, the one like Erpisto CRM solution offers single integrated platform that enables marketing, sales and customer services department of your organization to tam up  in order to attain their common objectives.


Sales team can follow leads generated by marketing teams. Efficient CRM solution in empowers marketers to plan, implement and observe the results of campaigns. Marketers can share right information at right time with right customers through automates templates and workflows. It streamlines the identification and analysis process of data to design marketing campaigns and measure ROI. Analysis of data provides great support to marketing team in generating leads for sales team. Then sales team put its utmost efforts to transform those leads into successful business deals. CRM software in enables sales team to track leads, monitor sales activities and have customers’ details in their hand. They can highlight opportunities, pipelines and sales cycles through the use of interactive dashboards. Sales team can access valuable customer information through any device at any time from any place. Hurdle free access of beneficial data promotes swift responses from sales teams which in turn lead to higher conversion rate.


Customer retention is the key task performed by customer services department. Customer services team provides swift responses to customers’ queries and concerns by utilizing valuable data stored in CRM solution.  Working with single integrated platform, customer services department can access the same customer data as the sales and marketing team do. In addition, Erpisto CRM offers intuitive business intelligence that enable your sales, marketing and customer services teams to identify trends with customer behaviors, product popularity, and seasonal or other influences that can influence business forecasts. These fruitful insights support customer service aims as well as enhance customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Bring your marketing, sales and customer service teams on the same page by implementing a free CRM software to retain your customers and drive the growth of your business.